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I’m, going to show you exactly what keywords I use what the site looks like how it started, how much I started earning and how long it took to make a hundred and fifty eight thousand four hundred and eighty-five dollars with this one program And we’re starting right now.

This is a live counter, showing you how many people are setting up websites right now live on the Internet. We’re gonna keep this up there for the remainder of the video. So you could see exactly how many potential web hosting clients there are out there.

This is important because everyone who needs a website needs website hosting. So there’s, a potential to make a lot of money, but you can’t. Just do it like everyone else going out there for words like web hosting, you got to think outside the box.

So let’s dive in the computer and I’ll. Show you exactly what I did to make over a hundred and fifty eight thousand dollars with the web hosting okay, so the web hosting affiliate companies that I checked out and the ones I’ve worked with are paying anywhere from like $ 50 up To $ 300 a sale that’s right.

That means you can get up to three hundred dollars for someone signing up for web hosting. Now the cool thing is is oftentimes. You can get paid once they first sign up so like you can get paid on their first three dollar sign up or something like that, and you get like a hundred dollars, which makes this really really lucrative.

Now the issue is, is how are we gonna? Do this now, what I did is: I took these affiliate programs and these affiliate programs, once you sign up for them, is going to give you an affiliate link right.

So it’s. Gon na be affiliate link. Let’s. Spell it right and your affiliate link is what you’re, going to promote. Now you can take this affiliate link and you can put it on a website. You can put it on a blog.

You could put it on your social media or anywhere, and when someone clicks that affiliate link and signs up for web hosting boom, you get paid pretty cool right now. The way that I like to do this is by building a website.

So I take my affiliate link and I build a website about web hosting or websites, or something like that – and I put my affiliate link within the web site – very simple: okay, really cool here’s, the site that I used to make all that Money, it’s, a very basic page, showing them hey.

This is what you need to do to sign up for web hosting and start your first blog, so it’s like a little informational site on how to do it. Now. The problem you’re gonna run into is that there is a lot of competition, so even if we went for words like web hosting and stuff like that, you could see that the competition is insane.

It’s, really really really high. So, as I mentioned earlier, we need to think outside the box in order to make this work and the way that we can do. That is quite simple. What we need to do is find people who want web hosting, but don’t know they need it yet.

So we’re gonna go for keywords that are stuff like Church websites. How do you set up a church website? You can see that church websites or Church website builder has over 720 searches a month, which is quite a bit.

We can make a video, we can make an article and we could get this traffic fairly easily because it’s, a lot less competitive than the other stuff. You can even get this traffic free. If you do it right by following the tutorials, I teach you on this channel so subscribe and click the bell, so you get those as well.

We actually have a really good video on how to rank on the search engines that I just made last week. Another keyword we can go for is something like how to create a website. Now these people want to create a website and they don’t know they need hosting yet and when you tell them hey, you get your domain name and everything for like three to six dollars a month.

They’re gonna be really happy. They’re gonna sign up, and you’ll, be able to make some money, which is pretty cool. Another keyword we can go for is how to set up a blog another. One is websites for photographers.

These are a bunch of photographers that are looking for how to set up a website for their photography business, and then we can go outside the box. Even more one of my favorites is going for something like link tree alternative.

Now. What is link tree well late, trees, quite simply, is something that people use on Instagram to put links to other things so like. If you have an Instagram account and you get a lot of followers, you can have them click the link in your bio and then boom it’s.

Gon na say you know, click here for this click here, for that you click here. For this pretty cool, pretty easy, pretty expensive for what you get now, a better alternative to link tree is having your own website.

That way, you actually have your own website, which is pretty cool. So what I did is I actually made a little page where I could teach people how to make pages like this, which is a lot better than lake tree and check it out.

I get my own domain name, which is pretty cool, so what I do is I talk to them about this and I’m. Like okay, here’s, a link tree alternative, you can use to get people to click on your links and you can track it and it’s, something you own and you’ll get site traffic and everything like that And it’s actually like the same price or less than link tree and it’s.

A lot easier and more powerful, so really really easy. That’s. Eight hundred and eighty people a month that I could put that in front of if I get you know, 20 of them to sign up for web hosting, and I get $ 100 Commission each.

That’s 2,000 bucks a month which is pretty cool. Now again, remember the results are not typical, implied or guaranteed. I don’t know what you’re gonna make, but usually I think it’s. Not that hard to get twenty out of eight hundred and eighty people to latch on to an idea and buy something it’s, not that hard at all, especially when they get their own domain name.

Let’s. Take a look at some others we can go for, which is like MLM website people looking up people looking up how to build websites for their network marketing company, and we also have network marketing website people searching for this stuff.

Now, what I did to make this even more real for you is: I actually did some competitive research on some of the people already ranking for this stuff, which is really cool, and here’s, one for a guy, getting free traffic for church websites And how to build church websites here’s, one? He ranks for WordPress Church themes and it says he’s getting an average of like a hundred and thirteen search it and it says he’s, getting an average of a hundred and thirteen people a month from that one Church themes.

One hundred and seventy-three Church websites, 329 church website three hundred and sixty-four. So this guy’s, getting a lot of traffic for Church websites and he’s, putting them to hosting, which is pretty cool and pretty easy.

And again, you’re, not in a competitive market, because you’re just going for a small sub sect. This is the same thing I’ve, been doing in my business for years, and it works like a charm, and you can make a lot of money doing it, and here’s, some from a very popular hosting company where they’re ranking for like build a church website, build a church website, create a church website and on and on we go and you can see they’re, getting lots and lots of traffic from that as well.

Here’s, an example where they’re. Looking for websites for photographers, you can see that this top one websites for photographers two hundred and seventy nine visitors a month websites for photographers 250 and that’s.

Not to mention all the subcategory words that they’re getting, so they’re literally getting thousands and thousands and thousands of people a month. Looking for this specific topic that leads to web hosting and it’s, not that competitive now here’s, a more powerful one that we look up for website, building, which is like how to make a free website free website.

Builder Weebly Shopify pricing, Wix pricing, WordPress pricing and on and on we go so we could literally make a site all about WordPress pricing and how you should have your own WordPress host and get your own domain and the best way to do it is to sign Up for web hosting and boom, we can make money very, very fast and very easy using that in a really really cool way, and you can even compare right like it’s, Wix better than this Wix versus WordPress.

Look at this. This guys getting Wix vs. WordPress 1,400 people a month searching for that which is really really cool. So there’s, a lot of traffic here and it’s very easy to get in on with a very simple website that’s focused exactly on what they’re searching for here’s.

An example of a guy ranking for link tree alternatives that are looking for link tree very, very simple, and as soon as you show them, how easy it is to make their own website, which does better than link tree.

Then you know they’re gonna sign up pretty pretty. Then they’re gonna sign up pretty fast and, as you can see here,’s, another guy going for link tree terms and then lastly, one of the bigger ones that’s, making a lot of money with hosting Up to a hundred thousand dollars a month or more, they are ranking for all kinds of things from how to start a blog, how to start blogging how to become a blogger to even less competitive keywords.

It’s like how to start a beauty, blog, a lifestyle blog or how to start writing for beginners and all kinds of things like this. So there’s, lots and lots of traffic out there. You just have to go for the things that are non-competitive that you can use to lead people into web hosting, set up your site and boom get that traffic and start making sales.

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