7 Best Ways To Make Money From Home With ZERO Money

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So now that we’re all the coins in everybody’s, our home, we’re, realizing that there’s. Two types of people in this world person number one will just waste time, sleeping watching, Netflix and being on the phone all day versus the other person who uses his time wisely to learn, make money and get stuff done.

I’m, going to give out seven unique ways for all of you to make money home Since right now, we’re in quarantine.

A lot of people are spending a lot of time at home, so it’s, never been a better time to start learning how to make money from them. So because of that and the times that we’re living it right now, I’m, going to give us seven unique ways and methods that you guys can make money from home.

If you guys watch my videos, you guys know that I do not like wasting time, and I like to get straight to the point so that’s. What we’re gonna, do we’re gonna get straight into it, so before I get into it, I do want to say that each of these seven businesses and I’m not to go over.

I’m, not only going to explain what they are and how to do them. But I’m, also going to give on my personal strategy that I would use if I had zero dollars to start, because I know that that will help a lot of you washingtons to have little to no money to start these businesses number seven.

This is one of my favorite ways to make money online, because you don’t need any kind of skills, any kind of knowledge or any kind of money. All you need some extra stuff in your house which most of you guys watching this hat, and this particular method on how to make money from homeless by using the app called more cart.

I’m. A car is literally one of the best options to make money from home, especially doing this crisis, because the only any money, any skills and the best thing about it. You could do this all from the comfort of your own home by just summon some extra stuff that you have in your house, and I myself a personally made money through car by selling some of the used clothes and shoes.

I don’t, wear anymore and selling on their app is the easiest thing in the world. All you have to do is open. The app and hit sell, didn’t, take a picture whatever is that you’re selling. In this case, I’m selling.

Some used blender, like he of course ones that I wore in a few times then, at the title, fill in the description and then add some hashtags that are related to the item that you’re selling. Then you’ll, just fill in the item.

Details such as the category the brand, the condition of the item and the color. Then you could choose your shipping price or let it be automatically selected for you and lastly, you’ll, choose whatever price that you want to sell your item at then listed and now you officially have listed your item for sale and another cool feature That I love about the platform is that they, let you see, data on what items that are selling super super fast.

So, for example, a Nintendo consoles are sold over 6000 this month and [ __ ] collectibles are sold over 54,000, so you’ll, be able to see what kind of items that are selling fast. You have a good idea on what sells fast on their platform.

Another example of some items that I sold on a platform would be some of my use. That deed is easy, that I don’t wear anymore, so all I would do is take a picture at the title. Fill in the description.

Add some hashtags that are related to the item then fill in the item, details and choose the price that I want to sell it at and they have a really cool feature for pricing as well. They let you know what exact pricing point was, so that fast is along with some similar items like yours and what prices that they sold at.

So if I want to sell the item fast, I’ll, select a recommended price and then listed so you could sell a bunch of stuff on my cart like any used t-shirts sweatshirts for these or any clothing items that you have any books that You have in your house, like Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, the book that made me successful, which I have multiple copies of your mom’s old wig, that she doesn’t use anymore and don ‘

T forget to add good pictures like this one, because good pictures can really make a item so fast I mean who wouldn’t want to buy this wig after, like how good it looks on me and honestly, with just a picture alone.

I’m confident I can sell this at $ 200 and you should definitely look around your house for any devices because you can make a lot of cash by selling any used. Phones that you don’t use anymore. So I really recommend you guys use Macari to start making money from home, because I let’s say earlier: it’s extremely easy.

You don’t need any skills, any money to start and the best thing about it. You can do this small from the comfort of an own home, so make sure to hit that link in the description below to download the app and get started number six.

This particular method is super popular and it ‘ S made a lot of people famous and rich, and it’s. What you’re watching me on right now and that’s, YouTube so on YouTube you get paid by the number of views.

I should have videos get, and it can be very, very lucrative if you grow your channel and get a lot of views consistently. So what you’re, probably thinking, is that you ‘ Re gonna have to get a camera, then be behind the camera and then talk all day.

And while that’s, probably the best way, because you build your personal brand and what your personal brand you become more valuable as a person, then you can have other income streams that’s, not necessarily the only way.

So an example of this method is a lot of people on YouTube. They put funny videos meme compilations together, then they upload them on YouTube, and these videos get a lot of views. So they give you guys a good idea on how much money you could make on YouTube all depends on your CPM, which is just a calculation of how much money you get per 1000 views on your videos.

So a rough estimate of the average CPM on YouTube is $ 7, so it’d. Give you guys a good idea, a CPM, a $ 7 and a video gets 10 million views that video would make $ 70,000 so that’s. A lot of money you can make by just finding videos and putting them together – and you can do all this at the comfort of your own home number 5.

This way to make money online is called freelance services. So if you know how to edit videos how to copyright, how to put websites how to do pretty much anything, you guys could use that skill to offer the people that will pay you to do it for them.

So the cool thing about this method is that you, don’t need any money to get started. You guys can use whatever skills that you have already and you guys can learn an unlimited amount of skills. There’s, tons of free content on YouTube that you guys can learn how to do to add more skills to your skill sets to offer to people that need them, and there’s.

Tons of websites and platforms that you guys to use to list your services for free to attract potential buyers that need them and another way to get customers for your freelance services. Is the person reach out to people who you feel might need your services? So, for example, if you know how to edit videos personally shots at youtubers and awesome, if they’ll be willing to pay you for you to edit their videos, which saves them a bunch of time.

So this could be a profitable business that you could start from home. So, in conclusion, freelancing is something that you can make money from all from the comfort of your own home number. Four, this unique method is called drop servicing.

This method is very similar to freelancing, but in this particular business you could scale up fast and you can make a lot more money because you’ll, be leveraging other people so in this particular business instead of the traditional ways of freelancing – and you Doing the service yourself and spending your time doing it, you’ll, be leveraging other people to do it for you.

So, for example, for youtuber pays you 100 dogs together edit the video you then hire someone else to do it for you, you pocket the 70 dollar difference. So this business is a really really good idea, because not only can you start as business with no money, but you can also scale up really fast and make a lot of money because you’re, not limited to just yourself and just your time That you have so you yourself, you only have so many hours in a day, but if you leverage other people, you’re.

Also leveraging a lot of time that you could use to make a lot of money. I’ll, be doing more videos on this business later on in my channel in the future, but this is a really profitable business that you can start with no money, all from the comfort of your own home, so just like with drop servicing, and This business, you’re, the middleman, but you’re selling.

Other people’s products. This business is called affiliate marketing. So in this business you’re selling. Other people’s. Products in exchange for a commission, so there’s, tons of companies and websites that offer affiliate programs.

So if you sign up for a company’s, affiliate program and you become an affiliate and then you sell a product that company would pay you commission for selling that product and to give you guys a good idea, how much money you can make It all depends on your Commission and the price of the product, so, for example, if you sell a product for $ 100, an affiliate commission is 15 %.

You’ll, get paid $ 15, so in affiliate marketing. The money you make all depends on what percentage of Commission that you get and the price of the product. So keep this in mind whenever you’re signing up for an affiliate program now, obviously you can make a ton of money if you advertise and sell a lot of products to customers so strategy that I would use for affiliate marketing with zero dollars To start is, I was first advertised to an audience that I already had so, for example, I will use the followers that I have on social media or any friends that found that I know, and what I would do is I would promote the affiliate product to Them and hopefully give themselves that way.

I’m, not spending any money on advertising, so all in all affiliate marketing is another profitable business that she could start from home number two. This business is very unique because it allows you to leverage other platforms to sell customized product.

This particular business is called print on demand. This business is super cool because it allows you to sell a bunch of personalized and customized products. All from the comfort of your own home, without having to purchase the products up front so in print on demand there’s, a bunch of websites and platforms that you guys can use to do this business.

So most of these websites, you guys can design t-shirts, hats, hoodies and more with your own logo or any kind of personalization and then sell them one by one to customers. Then, once a customer pays $ 20 for the t-shirt, you pay $ 10 for the pre-owned demand provider.

They should be directly to the customer and you profit a $ 10 difference. So I’m printing on the man. You can make a ton of money, because you can basically sell an unlimited amount of clothing items without having to pay for them up front.

So strategy that I would use for print on demand with zero dollars to start is number one to first use the audience that I already have. This includes all the followers on social media that I have or any friends and family that I know so.

For example, the trending topic right now and what’s popular right now for a lot of t-shirts is t-shirts. I say stay at home, so I would design a t-shirt or any clothing item that says: stay at home and then post it all on Twitter on Instagram and use hashtags to hopefully reach a lot of people without spending money on advertising.

Then, once I gets themselves, I will use that money to pay for advertising on social media to reach more people and get more sales. So all in all print on demand is a really really good business that you could start from home.

Now we’re on to the very last one, the number one business that you could start to make money from home. This particular business is what I talk about a lot. What I’m known for and honestly, if it wasn’t for this business.

I would not be where I’m at today. So the number one business to make money from home is drop. Shipping drop shipping is selling parts without having to touch them by leveraging other suppliers. So in drop shipping you’re.

Basically the middleman – and this is a really really popular business, especially in this day age, because it’s possible. It’s, super easy to start, and you can scale up really really fast and make a lot of money because you could sell virtually any product in the world.

So, for example, if I find a supplier that’s selling phone cases for $ 2, I’ve, been advertising on social media cell phone cases for $ 20 each time a customer orders the phone case for $ 20. I didn’t order the phone case for $ 2 from the supplier and I profit the $ 18 difference.

So your profit is basically a difference between what your supplier is charging versus. What you’re charging, your customers, so Josh shipping is a really profitable business. A lot of people make a lot of money with drop shipping, including myself, because it’s super easy to start and you can sell basically an unlimited amount of products.

So there’s, no limits to how much money you can make, and once you become good at advertising, Partizan social media, then it really becomes easy for you to make a lot of money with drop shipping, so strategy that we use for drop shipping With zero money to start is actually a video that I released recently and the summing up is called the revenue share strategy.

So in this strategy you’ll, basically be leveraging a social-media influencer that has a lot of following and exchanged or shared revenue with them. So, for example, I should say you finally influence it to agree with you on the revenue share strategy.

That’s in the home, decor Nick. So then what you’ll do is really really easy. You just create a Josh Samman website that has a bunch of home decor items. Then the influencer will promote the website on their social media and in exchange, your share revenue with them and all the cell’s.

They bring in so in this strategy. You can make money with drop shipping with zero dollars to start because you, don’t have to spend any money on advertising, which is usually the biggest expenses dropshipping.

Another strategy that you could use that doesn’t cost too much. Money is influencer marketing and this strategy. You basically pay the influencer upfront to promote your Josh and website to their followers and result.

You get sales, and this is my number one way of advertising for dropshipping, so all in all job, something is one of the most popular business. To start because of many reasons it’s super easy to get going and you can scale it up.


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