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Do you know another language and could use some extra cash? Do you want to get paid to work from home as a translator? Well, in this exciting episode today, we’re, going to talk about how you can earn 30 to 100 per hour from these work from home translation jobs.

Okay, are you struggling to make money online, but you know a second language? Well, then, why are you not making money,  because here’s, the truth, the demand for bilingual people is massive, and companies and people are willing to pay you big for the languages.

You already know how to speak easily and the best part is this other than speaking the language fluently. No other experience or special skills is necessary to get started. You can do this anywhere in the world.

It’s very flexible for full-time working people and parents and you can earn 15 30 even up to a hundred dollars per hour, starting salary. So if you want to work from home, because you are tired of the ridiculous commute to work or you just want to stay home with your kids and be the parent that actually gets to raise them, then this video is exactly what you have been searching for.

In fact, in this video, you will discover step by step how to get started, earning income as a translator, the five best places to get work from home translation jobs for beginners, and how to get paid 40 per hour to be a language tutor.

On your own time, and if you watch towards the end of the video I’ll even share with you, the best work from home translation job for freelance part-timers that pays up to 60 thousand dollars per year.

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Let’s. Get into today’s, video, hey friend, all right! Let’s, get right down into it all right! I’m, going to share with you some work from home translation jobs right now that you can earn some really good money with 30 per hour 50 and even higher in some cases, okay, depending on your levels of experience.

Okay, so let’s, get downright down into it. The first one you might want to check out is this website. It’s called the Sirian. Okay, you’ve, probably never heard of it, but basically what they do is they’re, a large company, and they help companies get connected with like with their devices and software and tools, and things like that, and so they do a lot of stuff, like that, now what’s cool about it? Are they have a lot of translation and transcription-based jobs, because that’s, a lot of what they do with a lot of the data that they collect? So if you go to their web to the section of their site called careers editorial, you’ll see that right, so they have corporate-related stuff customer solutions type stuff.

So this is good stuff. If you don’t have a whole lot of experience, right, device, repair, supply, chain technology, and product development, that’s, what they do, then they have work from home or work at home jobs right, so they hold just so you know This website is pretty legit.

They have like, over 19 000 employees, 55 locations around the world been recognized as a really good place to work by a lot of different places, the best place to work from a lot from a different virtual cultural standpoint and a lot of places glassdoor LinkedIn.

They’re. All you know all liking them. So if you come here where it says, work at home and click here to learn more, it’ll actually give you a list of available jobs, and I also like too, that they let you know that hey the perfect job candidate is Someone who can solve problems friendly good listener, disciplined and confident things like that, so not a whole lot of me uh.

You know previous experience required as long as you can do these basic things. Some of the benefits you get here, which is pretty cool and they also tell you to watch out for the scams too, because people trying to tell you, hey, you know you want to work for Syria.

Well give us money, so you can get equipment. Never you know, don’t fall for the scams. Pardon the interruption, my friend, but hey – are you enjoying this video so far getting value? Then hey go ahead and like this video and subscribe to the channel all right and go ahead and tell me where you coming from all right, where you, where in the world are you from where you’re, trying to learn how to make this Money all right, so if you’re enjoying this video go ahead and give it a like and subscribe, alright now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

So if you come here – and it says where it says – find work at home jobs, you click there. They’ll give you more of a list of available jobs, and so they’re, always adding new ones here. So you have to come back and check to see what’s available, especially for the language and transcription, but the good thing about it, as we said, is that it is high paying because it’s an in-demand service.

So, for example, you can see here there’s quite a lot of stuff. You can do it here. Customer service work at home for Canada. You know and things like that. So let’s say you picked as you know. Let’s pick up this one by overnight bilingual customer care.

Rep, you know work at home, french English. Well, then, you can see some of the stuff that goes along with it. You know what’s required some of the perks that you get and the benefits and look at this rate.

You know you’re talking about 15 and then, if you do bilingual 16 and a total earning potential of 19.75 per hour, that’s, pretty good. That’s, pretty good rate right and of course, you got to be able to do right in English and French and you have to have some skills and typing as well.

So there’s, a lot of translation, slash transcription, and typing when it comes to a lot of these types of jobs and then, of course, they’re looking for at least one year of experience and customer service.

So if you have some of these basic requirements – and then you read here – okay, you know they have it in friendships as well too. All you gotta do is just apply and then you can get access to see more information about the job.

All right. The second website you should check out is a website called italki. Okay, it’s, pretty cool, because taking is basically a site where you can go to learn another language. Okay. So once again, if you’re fluent in this language, you can come here and teach as well, and so what’s cool is, if you want to learn, you can find teachers that are teaching what you, what it is that you Want to learn and it’s, really really simple.

Like basically, you choose your teacher, you book a lesson and then you start to start the journey, and you start you know you start learning a language right. You know everybody’s thinking. I got ta, learn Spanish, so hey! This is a great option now, if you know Spanish already, you can come up here and become a teacher now.

Let me show you a quick example of what a lot of these places a lot of the uh. A lot of the people that are teaching what they, what things, what their profiles look like, so you can see. It looks like something like this right.

This person here he’s, a professional teacher. He teaches English and he also teaches french Italian Spanish. He charges 19 per hour. This chick here teaches English 30 per hour right, and so it’s crazy.

You can come here this guy teaching 10 and 60 cents per hour. You can see their intro video here. You see their profile pic and things like that, so it’s, really cool. You can come here and make really good money as a freelancer who knows do different languages.

Trans. You know translation language and teach other people as a tutor or as a professional teacher, so it’s really cool. I’ve heard some good ways to really stand out is to make sure you have a really awesome profile pic.

You know the really good video that brings people in gifts and shows them your personality and also potentially considers starting at a smaller rate. If you’re just beginning, but as you can see, you can go all the way up to 30 dollars per hour and even more especially when you have tons of lessons and tons of reviews already on your profile.

So you definitely check that out now, if you wanted, like, I said, if you want to become a teacher, all you have to do is come here to click, become a teacher that’s, going to take you to here where you can start To learn more about the starting process, they’ll.

Take you through the application process, the type of teacher that you are um, how to prepare a video intro, and any certifications that you may have, and you can hit start app start your application. So this is a really good place to start, especially if you’ve, not really done any work from home jobs.

It’s translation before definitely a good place to start that’s, take right there. The third website you should check out is a website called a claro, okay, so Clara is a global, translating business like that’s.

All they do global’s, business at a scale with the human touch right. They’re. Basically, experts at translation and localization services, so they do a lot of stuff with like big brands, as you can see here, IBM Roku, whatever right tons of services that are available in marketing translation interpretation document translation.

So if you work with them, you’ll, be going through documents that need to be translated from one language to another. So it’s like a bit of translation, slash transcription that’s involved in these type of um work from home jobs in this case.

But the good thing about the clarity is that they always tend to have a lot of jobs available. So what you can do is click on their job section and come here and you’ll see what kind of freelance jobs they have currently available.

Like right now, you can see they have things like Chinese, Chinese, danish and translation, freelance translations and German and Japanese, and things like that. So you would just click on them to see what’s going on with them like, for example, if you did this one freeze lands translators, and you wanted to learn more about that, it would take you here and you could learn a little bit more About it, you know it’s, good looking for a freelance translator, editor, and language that leads – and you have to that, can you know, do all three, some years of experience three years a degree and things like that and if you and, if you know if you fit those applications and things like that, you can apply and start to get paid.

Now, what’s interesting? Are you want to know how much they get paid? If you go to glassdoor.com and scroll down to their translation section to see more about how much their translators are earning, they’re.

Looking about 85 to 91 000 a year that’s, pretty crazy right! That’s, pretty crazy, so that’s, a heck of a lot more than 30 an hour that’s, a full-time income right there. So hey – and I mean I mean this – is just one: employee’s, salary, an estimate, so it could be dependent on your level of experience and how much you know and how much you can do that ‘

Ll, vary. Obviously, the fourth website. You should check out is another website called append? Okay, so I’ve done app in before. They have a lot of jobs, especially around data entry and transcription-based jobs, because they do a lot of different things.

They’re consultative data, moderate annotation content, moderation, speech, transcription, and secure transcription all kind of stuff that they do for different companies right. But if you click on their uh, their jobs, it ‘

Ll. Take you to the section right here. We can learn more about the jobs they have and they have a lot of language jobs, so flexible work in transcription translation and linguistics okay. So it’s, pretty cool, so you can click on that to apply to learn more and I’ll.

Take you to all the available jobs that they have so like. I took it took me here. I typed in translation for the jobs that I’m. Looking for, and you can see, all the different jobs are available around transcription and translation.

So I clicked on this one right here: Australian, English, and transcription supervisor, and it kind of give you an overview of all of the skills and requirements you’re going to need, so you just kind of go.

Look through it, the requirements. Obviously, you need to be a native speaker in the language that you’re talking about an excellent working knowledge of English, as well as the other language and any of the preferred skills that they have all right.

So it’s. A great way to make some really good money from home speaking a language that you already know now, if you want to know how much you get paid well, when I type that into google, a lot of different people are giving you different numbers page is saying That you can earn about 63 000 per year from the app in glassdoor, saying about 14 to 20 dollars per hour as a linguist and comparably saying about 61 to 490 000, that’s kind of crazy right.

So there could be a lot of other things involved in here, so probably around this 63 000 might be. It might be what I’m saying, because that seems pretty reasonable, based on what we just saw 14 20 per hour as a linguist.

All right, so that’s, how much you could be making here so that’s. Definitely, another place to check out Appian because they’re, a huge site and there, always having lots of jobs available, and then lastly, you should definitely check out Lionbridge.

Okay. Lionbridge is a great website. Another website that has a lot of different stuff that they do like if you just click on what we do. You see they have content services, translation services, testing services and ai artificial intelligence services for big companies, and things like that, and so, if you click on join our team, that’ll.

Take you to a page here where you can see their current job. Opening so they have corporate associates, testers, raiders, and curators. So this is a view like you know. I did another video about it. If you’re doing a search engine evaluator, you can get jobs that’s, doing that as well, but they also have translators and interpreters okay.

So if you click on that’ll. Take you to another page where you can get more information and sign up and kind of get you know, reach out to them, fill out their application, and stuff like that to get more information on the jobs.

It was a great way to make some really good money with a company that’s, hiring just globally work from home as a translator, and if you want to know a little bit more about how much they get paid well, once again, I look That up and it ranges so as an interpreter – you can make them between 20 to 44 per hour.

Okay, so that’s, pretty good money, freelance translator, 29 to 51 000 per year. Linkedin is saying as a medical interpreter, 28 to 64 000. All right, so I think this translator here around 50, some thousand seems pretty reasonable.

That’s. Some round around the number that we’ve seen right there on how much you can get paid so that’s. It. My friend hopes that was helpful right there, all right. Those are several jobs that you can do from work from home, translation jobs that you can use to get paid.

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