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Hey everyone guys welcome back to this video episode. I assure you that this will be very, very, very interesting because today we’re, going to talk about the lead page, and i want to share with you my personal experience, because many of my customers asked me to create modern new landing pages.

But i don’t have actually any design experience and tech experience and leak pages. Actually, this is a service which helps me with that, a lot so actually elite pages. This is one of the best services which actually this is a website.

Builders and uh helps me a lot to create a good landing pages and websites without any tag skills. So we can start right here. We have a explanation actually what this product is, but i would say, one of uh.

We can start, of course, from the benefits of uh the lead pages, and i would say that one of the big part of benefits is that it has easy to use editor and the second one. It has many many many fashionable and not fashionable modern popular templates.

So uh the templates are from to actually for the landing pages and for the website pages so uh. Actually, you may choose each one you like the most, so we have right here, the all the categories, for example, sales or events or consultation, um newsletter offered discount and coupons.

So okay, why not let’s start from uh, actually coupon template. So we have um the list, not the list of the widgets of this um templates and and and for example, smart product sales page. We can see the preview how it will be look like on the desktop and even on a mobile phone by the way um.

I will tell you that you may edit each template uh by your preferences. What do you want to get uh? You may um add personal your video in this template. You may use your personal photos, images. You may use content.

You would love to uh. To add this template, so that is how you can uh how it will be look like on the desktop um. So we can see that this is quite a large. Quite i would say a big um land page landing page and how it will be look like on the mobile phone, so we can check it so uh.

The one of the most uh reasons, which i like the leadpages is that everything is for me because i’m. A girl. I don’t, know how to say uh how to explain correctly, but actually each template it’s modern and fashionable and photos are so good just like from the catalog.

You know so that’s. Why? I love to use the templates from the lately pages okay, so that is how it uh, how you how it will be on your mobile phone and we gonna start from uh pricing. The next thing so uh, because you you should be uh.

You should be informed about the prices, so this is the cost of each subscription. So we have right here, three subscriptions advanced pro and standard one, so you may start from the standard, but actually um.

In my case, i started from the advanced, because here we have opportunity up to 50 sites to build up to 50 sites, landing pages pop-ups other birds. We have unlimited traffic and leads by the way here is hosting free.

We have um more than 40 standard integration. We have online sales payments and, of course we have, i would say um. This is similar similar, similar, similar email trigger links. This is also is important for you and, of course, we have uh right here, um.

Of course, we have right here attack support, which is also important. If you don’t know what you need to do right here, but i assure you that uh, the editor and the lead pages right here everything is so easy to use.

So i guess you don’t need uh. There will no be any questions for you. Okay, so let’s start um. I guess i want to show you how you can create, for example, a landing page. So let’s, start working with the editor uh, for example.

I would love to create a new landing page and, and – and here we have integrations by the way – this is also um, very interesting sections, but landing pages, and i want to create a new landing page. So we are the most popular.

We will see the templates financial services, for example, we may, or black friday deal opt-in we can use, but i don’t like this one, okay, so that that that fitness, freebie opt-in page will be quite interesting for me to work with this.

One template – and i guess i will choose it so start building your face, let it be so. Actually we can see that here we have only two sections, footer and body. We can change the background. We may change the contents, we may change the bottoms.

We may add the other images and videos, for example, so layout here we have page layout and it shows us that we have right here, body and footer, and that’s. All we may change right here. The headline a column we may may choose the style of, for example, the text or just we may use the padding just to see how it looks like so even you you know in this editor, you may play just how it looks like, and is it good For you just do you like it or not? Okay, so uh we can change image, but this is very, very, very fashionable image for me and i guess that we will work with this image.

We’ll. Let it be right here: i don’t want to change anything, but we um. I guess we will add the another uh the another section and let it be text and image. For example, oh and i forget here we have drag and drop sections editor, so we just need to drag it.

Okay and right here we may change, for example, um edit image. We might change the images. So here is my image. For example, i need to show okay and, for example, we will work with this one, edit image and the other one.

So so we can see that i’ve added to my personal images and right here we may change. For example, the costs, the cost – will be 150 dollars per month, and here will be the same. So basically, that is how you can work with this editor.

You may change the type you may change the bone size spaces, each section you may change and by the way, by the way here is the footer. So i just added one section and let it be let’s check the preview, how it will look like so we can see.

I guess that it will be better to change the background, also to change the white color to, for example, the pink one, but i like it. So that is how you can work with this editor and you may and you may publish it okay.

So let’s, go back uh! Here we have the other settings, so you may edit your cl information, information, social and analytics, so that is easy to use. So that is, i would say, uh for this video episode.

I guess all i assure you that using linked pages is very simple in using and, of course, if you don’t, have any tag, skills or design web design experience don’t be afraid of it. It’s. This service helps you with uh creation of new websites and landing pages a lot.

So we’re waiting for your comments. Maybe uh you have tried um this service or not, and what is your personal opinion about the lead pages? Don’t forget to put your likes and subscribe to my channel, and maybe we see each other in another witty episode.

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