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So without further ado, let’s, go and hop into this, but before we do, I want to just explain to you quickly if you’re, not sure what affiliate marketing is, the concept of it. Affiliate marketing is simply when you refer someone to someone else’s product and may pay you an affiliate Commission to do so.

Usually, affiliate commissions for sites like Clickbank or any other affiliate marketing platform similar to that are going to run anywhere from 50. To 75 percent commission, that means, if you prefer a product that is priced at $ 100 and the person buys it that vendor is going to pay you $ 50 at minimum for that sale.

That is a nice part of affiliate marketing. I really like it because it requires you to get started without having overhead or a product of your own and overall it’s, just a really fun business model.

Now other websites offer affiliate programs like Amazon Associates, but they’re, going to be the lower price. When you’re dealing with physical products like camera lenses, for example, so you could put together a blog where you recommend all kinds of camera lenses and you could get paid from Amazon every time someone purchases it! Well, it’s.

Gonna be a lot lower, roughly like between 4 and 10 percent commission versus other sites, where it’s like 50 %. The cool part, though, is that you’re leveraging Amazon’s, trust and people trust Amazon.

They buy from there already, so you’re kind of just piggybacking off of them, which is kind of cool too, so it just really depends on the route you want to go. I’ll. Show you some strategies in this video to get a site set and get you running and yeah.

So let’s just dive in right now and hop on the computer and get into it all right. So I’m starting this site off on WordPress WordPress is a free page builder that you can put on to your hosting plan.

If you don’t have hosting or a domain name yet then I’m a little bit ahead of you and that’s. Okay, I’ll, leave a link in the description of this video on how to set up hosting and a domain name.

A domain name is just like your website com. So, just so you have your own URL, for people to visit and hosting is a server that is hosting your site so that people can visit it. These things are relatively cheap.

A domain name runs you about $ 10 a year hosting, runs you about seven to ten dollars per month. So it’s, pretty cheap to get set up and your hosting plan will. Then let you install WordPress, which is what I’m running on my website.

It’s free and most hosting providers will install it for you so check out that link in the description. If you’re, not sure how to get that set up and that’ll help get you on the right track with that.

So I want to show you out of the box and what WordPress looks like we’re on the back end of our website right now. But this is how we would design it. But I want to show you what the front end of the website looks like.

I can visit that anytime. I want to by hovering over my blog and hitting the visit site up here, and this is just the name of my site, so your name might be different. Just depends on what you named it. So if I open that up in a new window, this is what WordPress looks like out of the box and it’s, not bad, but it’s just kind of plain, and we want to make it look a little bit better.

So that we can start recommending products on here for people to come and check out, so what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna start by installing a WordPress theme. Now themes are like a template that you can install on your WordPress blog and it allows you to give it a good look or a custom feel, and it allows pretty much anyone to build out a website without having web design experience.

So if you’re coming into this video and you’ve, never designed a website before that’s. Okay, I’m gonna share with you step-by-step how to do it, even if you ‘ Ve, never done it before. So we’re gonna come up here and we’re gonna click.

Add new and I’m gonna use a theme in this video called ocean WP. I like ocean WP because it’s, a good theme for beginners and it’s. A powerful theme that doesn’t have a lot of things, bogging it down, and has a lot of customization ability, especially when you pair it with a plug-in that I’m gonna pair it within this video called Elementor.

So I’ll share with you how to use both of those, but we’re gonna want to start with searching for that theme. Ocean WP, and here it is right. Here we’re gonna go ahead and we’re, going to install that and you can use any theme you want.

You can go through and check out the different themes that exist. This is just the one that I decided to go with for this particular theme, so we’re gonna go ahead and we’re, going to activate ocean WP, and now we’re gonna come back and visit.

Our site and I’m gonna – go ahead and refresh this page so that we can see what our site looks like right now, okay, so this is what our site looks like right now out of the box, and you can see it’s, looking a little bit different already and we’re gonna continue to stylize this, even a bit more.

So if we click on customize here on the ocean WP theme, this is going to take us into the backend of WordPress. It has a built-in theme customizer, that is pretty standard with WordPress blogs and ocean.

Wp is a free theme. They do have some premium add-ons that you can add to it. We’re, not gonna. Do that in this video we’re just going to leverage the free things for now, and I’ll just quickly run through some of the different options that they have so site identity.

This is going to be what you want to name your site. So let ‘ S say that I’m, making a site about juicers, I’ll say everything juicers on my site, so come up with, like a clever brand name that you want to display on your site and then put it there.

You could choose also to turn this on or off if you want, and instead, you could put it like a logo. I’m just gonna leave that one, for now, my tagline, I’ll just put helping you decide which juicer to go with, and again we can change all of this stuff.

It’s all totally customizable, but I’m just kind of running through the different options that are available to you on this theme. So here we have colors, and we can change the header text color here.

So if we wanted to be red, we would just select red, and then that would change it to read, and it also depends on what kind of homepage settings that you have set up as well, and also we go under general options.

This is where we’re, going to get the different styling options as well so like if we go to am I looking for here general setting, we can come in here and we can change our container with our sidebar.

With our content, we can change all of that right here. You can see how it’s starting to move so that’s, pretty good that we can change. All of that, which is nice, the main container with how wide you want it.

So if you want more minimalistic looking some people like to make it smaller, I’m just going to kind of leave it pretty wide, and then let me fix this content with something like that is good. Okay, so we’ll go back, so you’ll just want to go through here and mess with all of this stuff mess with the typography like.

If you want to change the body font, you can come in here and you can change that to whatever you want it’s totally customizable and that’s kind of the nice part about the ocean, WP theme and a lot of Themes do offer this as well.

I just particularly like the way that this one is laid out and it’s, easy for me to wrap my head around so that’s. Just why I like it so here’s. The header – and this is where we can change the different header styles.

So if you get colors that don’t change like when you saw, I change the color on something and it didn’t change. That’s because you can change that here as well. It depends on what header you have available it’s like if I were to do Center.

You can see how it moves it over like that, so depending on which one you have turned on. That could definitely affect everything and how it looks so play around with that you can play around with the background colors in here there’s, just a lot, a lot of things that you can do with this and from the menu the same thing.

So lots of different things: we can change the colors of it, so I’m gonna publish these changes right now now that we’ve kind of ran through the options, and you understand how it works. What I’m going to do is I’m gonna put in a menu just so that we can kind of get a feel for what the site is gonna look like.

So I’m gonna come into all pages and we ”ve got a privacy policy generated here. Let’s, just go ahead and publish that. So we ‘ Ll hit, publish okay, and I’m gonna create a couple more pages.

Maybe we’ll do about us. Maybe I’ll. Do like a contact page as well. I just want to put something on the menu so that we have it ready to go and we can kind of stylize it a little bit more okay. So now we’re gonna choose a menu by going to appearance and menus, and we’ll call this menu name.

We’ll just say top menu like create a menu, and we’re gonna select. What we want on our top menu, so let’s drag in the contact me and the about Us page. For now, we’re, gonna add it to the menu here. You can drag the order in which you want it to display and the location where you want to go.

I think we want this to be a main for the location, so we’re gonna save that you can also manage the locations from here too. So, whatever menu wants to go where you select it. Alright, let’s refresh and see if that ended up where I wanted it, and it did right up here so that’s good and again, we will probably want to make this site look really good by customizing the actual logo.

We’d, probably want to go to like Have someone create a nice logo? If you guys aren’t familiar with a Fiverr great site to get logos designed they’re only five dollars. They’re. Usually, so we’re gonna now install the Elementor plugin to start adding some custom ability to this.

By going to plugins and add new, and I’m going to search for Elementor and we’re, going to download the element or page builder right here and install it. And then we’re gonna go ahead and activate it.

Okay, so let’s, go ahead and create our first page, and the cool part is: is that with Elementor there’s, all kinds of different things that you can do? You can come in here and add in whatever it is.

You won’t like it, if you want to drag in a video you can drag that in just like that. So from this point, I can then fill in my video here, whatever I want it to be. If I want to put in a video of my product, I can do that.

Otherwise, let’s, go back and let’s just start adding some stuff in here. So let’s say that this is going to be our product page, and this is what we’re, going to display our certain products. The cool part about Elementor is, is it allows you to build these pages, and then you can save them so that you can basically reuse them over and over again.

So let’s, say, for example, that on every product page I want to have let’s, see what this image box looks like. So let’s say I want to have this image box on every product page and if I want to delete an element, I can come here over-edit and right-click it, and hit delete.

So let’s say that on every product page I want to have an image with the heading and then with a description there and let’s say I want to have a star rating as well, underneath it so just like that. I can do that.

I’m gonna Center that – and this is a really good layout for an affiliate marketing site because you can go and you could pull this from Amazon to see what star rating they have – and you could put this in here and you could Put everything in here like let’s.

Just say this is an Omega juicer and maybe here I would upload my image of the juicer, so you would just come up here and hit choose an image and drop it in there. I don’t have one right now, but you get the point.

So you can either type your description right here by just typing or it’s over here as well. So I can go, and I can say you know put a product description. This is an Omega juicer. Here is why you might want to choose this one over another one and so on.

You get the point you would want. To put you know a decent amount of text here and all of that stuff, and then I could put a link to my affiliate link right here. This would be like where I want it to go and just like that fairly easily, I’ve got this entire thing created, but I said want this to say: Elementor 30 no would change the page name when I created the page and there’s also a setting to do that in here as well, see where it’s kept me, publish this, and also, if I want to save this as a template, I can save that right here and call this product review page, for example, And hit save so now.

Every time I create a new page, I can start with this product review. Page template right off the bat, and I’m good to go so there. It is that’s. What it looks like if I click on the edit page right here, where it says title this is where I would change the name to like Omega juicer review or whatever I was going to do, and this and ideally be my keyword.

So if we preview that now, you can see how it changes just like that, so that’s, a basic overview of how to do this again, I do have a link in the description that goes over how to set up hosting and install WordPress And I do have a little bit more training free training in there as well on how to work with WordPress and WordPress theme.

So you should definitely go check that out. I don’t want na make this video too long or boring. I just wanted to give you everything you need to get your affiliate marketing site up and running in 2020.

If you’re ready to get into affiliate marketing, it’s, so easy nowadays, with these WordPress page builders and with WordPress in general and the themes so definitely don’t delay and definitely get started on it right away.

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