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A lot is super easy to use and if you can see here on my blog under my blog recommendations, I recommend Vic link as one of my favorite affiliate networks. So today I’m, going to show you how to use it.

Basically, if we go to Vic link – and you can sign up here and log in then it’s – really an easy process just sign up for it, you get to a landing page. So this is basically how your dashboard on viglink will look.

Normally, there are statistics here on your revenues: earning per share is click etc, and you can basically track your sales and clicks from oral. Your different links, which is amazing just in one view and its really really cool, and here there will be listed like the different merchants and clicks that you can have in actions etc.

So you have your dashboard, where you can see like your revenues and everything on one click. You can manage your stuff, your settings, your account here on anywhere. You can create link to any link or any product that is part to the viglink network and the merchants that are in here.

You can search for the merchants and look for trends. So maybe you are new to affiliate marketing and you won a search for some merchants that are part of viglink, so you can just click on here and it brings you to the site.

It’s. Super super easy. It just lists all the different merchants that are part of like link here. You can either choose to search for categories or you can. If you know that a merchant is part of my link already, you can just type it in here and search for it.

You can click on them and it gives you a little bit more in-depth information on, for example, commission rates. So Nordstrom gives you one point for 2 % Commission. If someone buys through your link, which is pretty pretty neat – and you can also check your approval for Nordstrom, but basically, if you got ta prove to the viglink Network, you should be approved to to all the different merchants that or within vague link.

There might be some exceptions, but generally that’s, that’s great because at other networks you might have to to get approved every single affiliate merchant themselves. We can be a little bit tricky so that’s.

An amazing advantage of fake link. So if we go back to the merchants, the basic page – and you maybe want to create a blog post – maybe it’s, a holiday hall or a gift guide, and you want to link to a merchant that you already know.

Maybe I run you through an example. I know that Macy’s, it’s, part of big link, which is amazing, and I can search for them and they’re listed here. So maybe I want to do a Gift Guide, a Christmas gift guide for upcoming Christmas, and there are some products within Macy’s that I would like to include in my gift guide, so sometimes in affiliate programs, you can only link to the main Page of Macy’s or you have a huge list of like different landing page which you can link to.

But you are a link to a specific product that you maybe have chosen that you want to include. Maybe in your disguise so how to do that? If we go over to Macy’s and you maybe have already chosen a product on maysa, this is the Macy’s website and you might want to include, for example, this back into your Christmas gift guide.

So it’s. Super super easy. You just click here copy this link from the Macy’s website to this back and go back to viglink and now go to anywhere anywhere is where you can create any link from any of the sites that are part of with link merchants, which Is amazing, so you just paste in the link that you’ve just copied here from the Macy’s site and you create so you press built, and it will create you your own affiliate link to that product.

Now you obviously don’t want to have this kind of messy looking link anyway, so you can just click here, shorten with bitly and build, and it will create you this amazing little short bitly link which how how cool is that and you can Use this link anywhere on your website, your Instagram, your YouTube videos just remember to display them as the affiliate links and then, whenever someone clicks on that link and by step back from Macy’s, you earn a percentage of that price that they paid For that back and that’s, pretty much everything there is to viglink.

You can use all the different merchants that are on there. You can go back to the dashboard and look at your statistics. You can use our trends to identify trends that people might be interested at the moment it’s.

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