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I’ve learned for growing and editing my Tech Talks now. One thing that’s really important to note is that I have a pretty busy life. I have three kids, I have a husband and we run two multi-million dollar businesses so to be totally honest with you creating a ton of super produced.

Tik-Tok videos is not a priority to me and you may be feeling the same way. I want to make it happen fast. I want it to be simple. I want it to be cost-effective. I don’t want to use it too much time.

For my team, so we’re gonna show you the exact ways that we edit our Tech Talks inside of the app that’s gonna make it very very easy for you, a lot of the people who create these editing. Tutorials they show you expensive software.

They show you how to hire a video editor to create these. They do a lot of professional like Adobe After Effects and different types of software like that, and I’m gonna be honest with you guys. I’ve tried some of those and I ‘

Ve actually worked with people to edit some videos, but here’s, one of the most baffling things unless you are trying to become a producer, an editor, a videographer. To be totally honest. The videos that seem to perform the best are the ones that are edited in the app very simply it doesn’t feel like it’s overdone or too polished, and that fits the landscape of tik-tok.

So I’m. Going to show you guys how I create my tick-tocks and how I edit them in pre-production and post-production. So let’s dive on in so the very first thing I’m going to do is hit the plus sign at the very bottom middle of the screen and then from there.

I have the ability to record now a couple important notes about, like the sound that you’re going to use. I really speaking like to use the sounds from within the app and you can find those by clicking sounds and then you can of course scroll through until you find the right fit, but because I don’t want to get in trouble at copyright.

I’m, just gonna record my own audio, but just know that that’s, a possibility. Now, when you’re, recording a Tech Talk, you can either use the timer and that’s. One way to get great transitions so, for example, I may edit it so that after four seconds it cuts off and I can do a hands-free video, I’ll, show you guys what that looks like well, let’s.

Do about three point nine seconds, so it’s. Gon na give me three seconds, and now it’s, your core date and it’s gonna record. Until we hit three point nine seconds and then it’s, gonna stop, so that’s, how you can create the transition videos which is really awesome, and you can do that over and over again.

Otherwise, if you want, you can actually record by either tapping the button at the very bottom and just letting it record until you hit stop or until it runs out of time or you can hold down the button for a little segments.

Do it again hold on? Let go so there’s, a bunch of different ways that you can actually record to make the editing process easier. Now, in order to choose the right sound, like I said, I like to start with choosing the sound and just remember that you can line up the three second timer with where you want the sounds to cut off.

So if you want to have a transition right as the beat drops you’re gonna want to do exactly what I did, but with a sound and it’s. Gon na show you kind of where, in the sound you can drag that red line to make it cut off that okay.

So one thing I want to share – and this is huge and a lot of people – don’t – realize this – is that the best effects for editing inside of tik-tok are found within the effects in pre-production. So there’s, a bunch in here there’s, some that are kind of silly and new and trending, but I personally find there’s, some that I personally prefer like the green screen.

This is awesome because you can drag photos from your photo album in here and then record little segments with these and once again, every single time that you end a recording segment, you can switch to a different photo or a different effect.

So I’ll. Show you guys what that might look like? Let’s, pretend we wanted to record with me in the background, even though that’s a little bit cringy, so we might record for a couple seconds and then now I could switch to a different photo or I could switch to My video and let’s, pretend we want to do this.

Video here, which is a tick-tock from earlier okay, we’re gonna go ahead and hit next, and that’s. Gon na actually show that video kind of neat right, so you can switch up the effects that you use in pre-production.

I’ll. Show you a couple more that I really like I like shake, because this is a fun one to do whenever you’re, showing that you’re panicking or that things are falling apart. I also really like the face zoom and, of course it moves out and away from your face once your face is covered up, but let’s, see if we can do it yeah it’s already like locked in on me.

There. We go look at this kind of a fun one to use some other ones that are really fun include like this face here. This is a one that’s in a lot of tik-tok videos. You could do the sims one, which is also really neat, but it’s up to you, which ones you want to use.

Is I’ve used this one and really enjoyed it. I think it’s really cute. You can use this for like the marching people, that’s, a fun one to do. Isn’t that so it’s kind of like when the mobs are coming.

This is what you could use, but really the best way to know which effects you want to use comes down to some trial and error. Let’s, remove the effects it’s kind of distracting now. This is also a really important part of creating these videos.

You’re, also going to want to add the beauty filter. If you want it smooth that all your skin, it can look a little fake, but it’s really nice for days where you don’t feel like doing your makeup, or you can add filters that add some more color now.

For example, I without a filter and very pale and right now there’s, not a lot of color, but that’s. Also because I’ve got filming lighting up and the goal is to not show off all the colors, so they can do it in post-production for this YouTube video.

But you can try out some of these different filters until you find one that you like for that particular video. This one makes me look crazy pale, but these are kind of fun to deal to play around with now let’s, pretend we’re done with this video, so we’re gonna go ahead and hit the red Checkmark, okay, so I don’t want it to play the audio the whole time, so there’s, a couple different things we can do here, but just remember, like I said, the best editing comes from splicing the videos together.

It also comes from the pre-production editing with effects. Now, once again, you can add a filter or you can add, voice effects which is kind of fun and most of the videos I’ve done with voice effects.

Let’s, just give them a listen. These have done really really well historically for me, so let’s. Take a peek at these so buddy, so those have all been really successful for us, but I’m, also going to show you how in editing to add multiple text and appearing and disappearing text, so let’s.

Show you guys what this looks like now. Remember you can create text, so we’ll just put like hey and you can either like fold it so that stands out on the background with that, whatever color it is, you want to use or you cannot and just you could do it like.

Semi-Transparent or you can do it with no background, so I like to do that and then you can choose which typeface, when you use whether you want Center aligned right aligned at left aligned. So let’s.

Just pretend you have two different pieces of text we want to use, so it’s, not high, and we’ve got hello. You can tell I’m, really inspired. Okay, so let’s. Pretend we wanted this one to appear part way.

I’m gonna drag this to where I want it to first appear. So maybe I wanted to appear right when the video changes now one thing with this that is not super user-friendly is that it does get stuck sometimes, which is a little bit irritating, but let’s just go ahead and drag it to there and The most pretend we want to disappear halfway when the other one is gonna appear, so you’ll, see what I’m talking about.

This is a little bit glitchy. This is one of only things in the after drives me crazy. So let’s set the duration of the second one, and we want it to appear once that. One’s already on the screen and we want it to disappear after okay.

So this is how you create appearing and disappearing text afterwards, and you can do as many as you want. Just a minimum time is one minute for each piece of text. You can also add stickers, you can add in some effects.

After the case, you can add in background music, if you want and what’s, nice is, you can add those sounds and then turn your original audio down or up and then turn the volume of the music down or up so it could be.

Like some light background music but check these out, these are really fun. There’s, visuals effects transitions but time, and I really recommend playing around with these and just seeing which ones you really like, like.

I think this one’s really fun, and then you can drag it once again to determine how long it’s gonna be on the video. So I like these. I think that they can be really really fun. Like I said, you can add these in these all give a different feel, but, like I said, these are different than the pre-production editing effects.

These are the post-production editing effects, so they don’t, do as much with like the augmented reality or the VR feel so just know that there’s a little more limitation. Now this one just put the entire video into reverse and then, of course we can do splits and these can get really crazy and fun.

So I recommend trying these out of course, then, once you’re finished and happy, you can hit save and you can hit next. Add in your text. Add in your hashtags add in the whichever cover photo. It is that you want from the video, and then you know edit anything here and then you can go ahead and hit post or drops.

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