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You will then be able to retrieve the creatives they’ve uploaded for that program. You’ll. Do that, by going to links up at the top and then get a link, slash banner the drop down menu here, you will be able to do a keyword, search or choose a merchant by name on this page.

You will see up in the upper right here where you’ll, be able to toggle between different merchant programs as well and then beneath it. You will see different tabs for text links, banners create a custom link etc.

So on the text, links example: first, you’ll choose the link that you would like to promote and you’ll, see the ID over here on the left Alice. He’s, the second one, for example, once implemented. It will show up exactly, as shown here in the example column, and to implement that you ‘

Ll, go over to the right click on get HTML code. You can either click select, all or just highlight, and then copy and paste this HTML code in its entirety into the backend of your website. The back end would be anywhere you can make edits to the page as well.

Just for example, you can click select URL. Only – and this is the ShareASale link – this is the tracking link that, when clicked will place a tracking cookie in the customers browser before taking them to the merchants website.

You can always tell that this link is yours, because it will have your user ID right here. The merchants ID right here and the banner ID right here it will need all three of these parameters to function properly and, as you can see, this link is currently in the HTML as well.

Now, similarly, with banners, you will see the banners as provided by the merchant when you click on the banner. It will show you the the size of the banner some basic information regarding the banner and then to implement.

Once again, you will just copy and paste the HTML directly into the backend of your website. Next, to create a custom link, you’ll, go over to the custom links tab. Now this tool is used to create a ShareASale link out of any page on the merchants website.

All you’ll need to do is copy and paste the URL on the page that you’re looking to link to into this bar here and then click create a custom link. Now this custom link here will go through share sale.

The place that track and cookie and then they’ll, go directly the page with the Paisley invitations as well. You can click get short link, and this will give you a short and share sale link that is perfect for social media Instagram Twitter places where you have a limited amount of characters as well.

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