How to grow your Email List with Exit Intent Popups

Email List with Pop Ups

So I just wanted to like talk about how you can actually go about building your email list, depending how like how you want to do it, and obviously you could just depending on like the laws in your area and like and also in terms of who, you’re reaching out to you, can potentially let’s, scrape information online or use that email harvesting tools in order to build a massive email list.

But your goodness like. I have definitely played around with things like this in the past and I still have a number of cold outreach automation, sequences. Just you’re, going to get much lower conversion rates and there’s there’s.

No two ways about it: someone who’s opted in to receive emails from you compared to cold outreach. There’s. All there’s, always going to be one winner. So I wanted to talk more today on like building an actual engaged audience with ya, but by collecting email addresses and then enrolling in tonight.

Your preferred email automation tool be at MailChimp in grid, whatever you may be using so to get started. I’m, going to suggest that you use at all something like similar to this. You know whether you’re using notify of all at one of our competitors.

Sleek, no optinmonster! Anything like that, whatever you prefer to use as long as you have a system in place for collecting email addresses, ideally something that can support like behavior based triggers, because that’s, going to make a really big difference.

For example, if the user is going to abandon your website, if their mouse leaves the page and they go to change tabs or go to hit the close button or something exit intent triggers are going to be really powerful for retaining these customers and these these visitors.

Sorry, you have to remember: they’re, only 2 % of visitors who come to your website actually convert into customers, so that means 98 % of people on average. Coming to a website on the average website actually abandon a website: 98 % people aren’t taking action.

So all of that effort that you’re putting into Facebook ads Google Ads marketing and search engine optimization ninety-eight percent of that is actually not going to it’s not going to turn into like conversions and customers.

So really you want to be that’s. Why? I’d like to focus so heavily on conversion, optimization and trying to bump those numbers up. So we get better return on investment from marketing and I’m part of conversion.

Optimization is just every opportunity that you have to convert to try and convert an anonymous visitor into either a lead or ideally, a sale, and you should be doing it. So, for example, with, like exit intents and triggers, like I just said when someone goes to abandon your website, we can then trigger an email collection pop-up.

Perhaps they’re, not ready to sign up just yet, and you have to leave this. It’s, a real person that you’re like dealing with on the end of the computer like watching who’s looking at a website. Perhaps they have something going on in real life, their whites accordingly and they thought could like distracting them.

They’re, getting a call from their girlfriend, whatever it may be. There are so many like distractions in real life, and perhaps they’re just all they’re, just not ready to convert yet they haven’t been quite convinced yet.

So, in this scenario is such a beneficial tool to collect an email address, because we know that they’re on your website for one reason or another, and you know people don’t just mindlessly click around the internet, wasting time on Website so one of the most powerful ways if they’re, not ready to compare just yet it’s, just to collect an email address from this person, and so in this example like you could offer them like a 15 %.

You could often like a 15 % discount good, so it’s good to like offer some incentives for joining your your email list, and so, like you can play around with this and see what what works best for you in terms of what you’re, offering is an incentive like people often use lead magnets for giving away like ebooks or even like a free trial, or just some incentive someone to pass over their email address, and then once you have their email address you you now have like The ability to contact that person almost like forever.

Obviously there’s, going to come a point where you you may want to give up on that lead. If you don’t manage to convert them, but now we can enroll them straight into an automation sequence, so that your website visitor, is going to enter their email here and and submit it.

And we can then go and send over to something like MailChimp to your email, automation, tool of choice and it’s completely up to you how you might go about it from there on it. Also it’s, going to depend a lot on your product.

What it is you’re actually selling like the price point of the product. If you’re, offering a very expensive and like a course or something like that, so one thousand two thousand dollars if it’s like a high ticket item, it may not be be good to go indirectly free and trying to close Someone immediately buy it by getting a sale from them, and perhaps you’re, going to need to do something like sending over one or two like warm up emails with like educational content, teaching them like why you’re, an authority in Your industry and and why they should buy your product or service, but not actually trying to close them in those initial two emails.

So you’re just like warming them up and building up a bit of a relationship. If you have much like lower ticket items, for example, we’ve notifier. It’s, nine dollars per month, so active website widget.

We can go in with like a much more like direct approach. We also offer like a free trial and often it’s, much easier. It’s, much smoother to onboard someone with a free trial, rather than asking them to like pay upfront.

So obviously they have a chance to test the product to make make sure that notifier is the right solution for them. If you’re doing, that is services based industry plants, you don’t even want to send over educational content.

Maybe they already know what you’re, looking, what they are looking for, but you could send over an automated email sequence for booking in, like it’s, a product demo or like am an onboarding call like or even like a sales Call with a member of your sales team, you know you could use something like canhardly for sending for sharing your calendar with people.

It’s, a very simple, easy and integrated way to to book calendar appointments, so yeah like essentially from here. You just go in and send over the data. You would input the URL that you want to send off your emails to so we send over to MailChimp to exactly Integra Mount whatever it is.

You’re doing. I have another video on building out your own email, automation, sequence via Gmail, so yeah. However, however, you want to do it, and really this is just a video saying. This is something that really you should should be doing this.

This was an example of it on a on your website itself. You could also do like a time delay. For example, if someone has been on the page for 90 seconds, maybe we can trigger a pop-up. Then, if you’re on a blog post, a great way to trigger – and this would be if the user has scrolled like 80 percent down the page – and we could then trigger the the email collection tool and it’s going to – And then, because we know that they’ve read the majority of your content.

There, 80 percent through your blog post, they’re. Obviously engaged goes like I said. People don’t tend to waste time on website pages. So we know that they’re interested in what you’re talking about and then asking them to join your email list, perhaps saying that you send out new content every week like similar to the article that they’ve.

Just read and it’s, just a very easy way to build up your email list. There’s, a very good book called content Inc. I definitely recommend everyone goes and reads that I actually wrote a blog post a while ago, giving like extracts from from the book and my like takeaways from it.

Essentially, it’s about a story of someone who his true story of a guy who made a blog and just built an email list, and because people had read his blog previously, they knew that he was. He knew what he was talking about and he was a bit of an authority in the industry.

So when they joined his email list, it was very easy for him to go and sell products to them because they trusted what what he was talking about, because they had opted in firing, his blog. They liked what he was talking about and he went on to make something like thirty million dollars.

When the book was published. I’m sure he’s made a lot more money than that now, but these are just proving that blogs and like. I would even look at this at our old fashioned. The email marketing is not particularly innovative, but often the old ways are the best and you don’t always need to like be using the most innovative and cutting-edge artificial intelligence.

Optimization personalization solutions, just sometimes a good old fashioned like building an email list and writing out a good sequence, with good copy and selling to the user over the space of write a six month.

Automation or something is a really good way to bring in revenue once it is set up. It’s, going to run forever as well. So anyone knew who joins your email list. You’re, going to be able to sell to them going forward without even thinking about it, so you could very easily also turn it into am a passive income and, depending on what you’re selling.

Even if you’re, doing like affiliate marketing, in fact, especially if you’re, doing affiliate marketing, this would be a mess in firm. A would be a massive and priority for me if I was doing affiliate marketing a client of mine who is an affiliate marketer.

He has an email list of about 800,000 people that I’ve, just built an automation pool and we’re reaching out to and he’s. Turning over millions of dollars every year in in profit, not not just turnover.

So yeah this um that’s, just a quick reasons why you should be still be building an email list and don’t look past the basics. If you need at all for collecting email addresses and there are loads out there.

Obviously notifier is my software platform. You can also look at things like opt-in once it has a few million websites using them. They’re, a very good tool to explore as well as sleek. Now it has very good designs, although it’s, quite a bit more expensive, but yeah have a play around with it and, of course, if you need a free trial of notifier as well, I can I’ll, put a link in The description, if you have any questions about building email lists or automations or how to sync over from here, I’m, also going to make a video on, like writing, email outreach, copy and yeah.

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