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Warrior Plus

Now the differences between warrior players and Clickbank is that you actually have to get approved in order to promote some of the products and the way that you have to do. That sometimes is by proving that you have already made sales using the warrior plus on platform.

Now there are plenty of products that you can get onboard your plus that you don’t have to be pre-approved from, but some of the best ones are the ones that you do need pre-approval now, because we’re, doing a real, Step-By-Step breakdown, some of the things that you see me do are gonna, be things that you don ‘

T necessarily have to do yourself when setting it up, and I will put a text on the screen like this to let you know that this is something that you don’t have to do. Furthermore, I will give you for the detailer as to why I chose to do it.

Okay, so here we are in my warrior Plus dashboard. We’re gonna go ahead and head over to two affiliate offers. So now that we’re here in affiliate offers, I’m, going to show you a few of the key things that I look for when I was doing this in like this was the first time I was promoting a warrior.

+ um product, so I didn’t really want something that was over competitive and I really didn’t want anything that had been out for a few months or anything like that. I wanted something that was fairly new because that will increase the chances of making a sale, because that meant not too many people actually know about it.

So when I came to look for affiliate products, I took an account these three spaces right here: the release date, the sales in the conversion rate. Now, as you can see, all of these right here are from like 1 % vendors and 5 % vendors.

So that means that it doesn’t matter what their release date was. They were going to be over potato, as you can see in the numbers right here and you can see. Some of them were released in June. Some of them were released in Maine, but still these are super competitive products because they released by 1 % and 5 % vendors.

So I wanted to avoid that now. The way that I did that is, I actually feel to it down. So I went to launch product – I meant launch date, so after filtering down for a launch date, you know you still got these three and they’re still super competitive, and I’m thinking that’s because, like these Are future or featured products, so I did not want to like be in a crowd of, however, plus thousands of other affiliates promoting the same thing or something like that, and so I came down and I started looking at 10 % vendors right, and so these are People who aren’t getting as many views on their product because they are 10 % vendors, not 1 % vendors, and you can see like there’s 15 plus sales.

So not too many people are promoting it and there’s like an on percent conversion, but here’s. The kicker, like the visitor value, is really low. So I’m thinking. That means every two dollars that a person spent they get people onto the landing page or onto the sales page.

They made $ 21 on average, so that would be maybe a product to look for. But after that, after I found the product that I wanted to promote – and I got I seen in the word Chris and I got approved – I came over to be raw and like this is a part that you don ‘

T have to do this. You can skip this part altogether, but I made like I put my link inside of the UM. I put my leap right here inside of my thank you paint inside of my custom. Thank You page and then I made I made like a landing page.

So this is the landing age that I mean, and you can see. Is it’s, a very simple landing page, and the reason why I made Atlanta paint is because I used solo ads and solo ads will not allow you to direct link to the sales page, because they want to make sure that you get these People inside of your emails now before I launch my landing page, I actually did two things that you don ‘

T necessarily have to do, and one of them you can see right down here in the left hand corner, which is I added a social proof. Not this is something that you don’t have to add. When you are doing this, however, I like to add these social proof, because it actually increases the chances that more and more people will opt in.

In fact, my opt-in rate has gone from about a 30 % without the social proof to about 835 to maybe a 37 %, and while that doesn’t sound like much and magic that you are getting in about a hundred opt-ins without social proof.

On a regular basis – and then you add the social proof, and now you’re getting about 130 135. This is only something that I like to use, especially with scarcity offers, because it actually increases the chance that people will opt in in order to learn more, and it does increasing the chance that you’re, actually data conversion.

Now. The second thing that I did when I made this landing page is I added of facebook pizza, because I knew I wanted to run Facebook Ads after I ran solo ads, so I used the solo ads to kind of narrow down what type of people I was Going to remarket to now to be honest, I did make fifty additional dollars doing a little bit something different because, like I was thinking like there, weren’t going to be too many people who actually wanted to opt in on this.

So I wanted to get them on their way out, and I did that by using an exit. Popup you see in this one is for a free copy of dot-com secrets, and all they had to do was push this button right here and they will get Saint McConnell secrets, and I did this on both of my landing pages pages.

So, even right here, if they came here and tried to exit out it will pop up again. I guess it doesn’t pop up once it has popped up on the first page or something like that, but yeah, and so oh there. It is right there, so the next thing that I did was, I went to a website, call udemy oops, and so in order to get my initial sales in order to get my initial traffic, I came over to a website called udemy.

com and I bought some solo Ads from mr. pace and the reason why I like to use mr. pace like he always stays in touch with the people, he’s working with and he always always over deliver. You can see right here.

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