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 I get questions all the time about other ways: to diversify your revenue, whether it’s, adding an email list and creating your own info products or ads. So that’s. What we’re going to talk about today with media net now before we get started, I’m, an affiliate for media dotnet, but that means, if you sign up for media dotnet through my affiliate link, you’ll, actually Get a bonus and that bonus is an additional 10 % of like earnings for the first three months.

Now, if you do sign up through my link, then I get a commission as well, but you also get bonus. So why not give it a shot? I’ve, helped a lot of people build Amazon, affiliate niche sites and just affiliate sites in general, and I ‘

Ve also talked about the importance of diversifying your revenue. This is a question I get all the time and I’m going to answer it today and it’s, whether or not adding ads using an ad network and whether that’s, a viable option to diversify your income And potentially help you improve your income on your affiliate site.

If you’ve been around the channel for a while, you know the basics to start a site. Maybe you ‘ Ve heard me talk about a lot of the concepts over and over again, but let’s. Just do a super quick recap number one.

I need to find a niche you didn’t bring the store. Maybe you pick one of your passion projects or something like that. Then you need to find keywords to target. So you don’t want to just write content without doing any research randomly you want to do some keyword, research and I recommend something like the keyword golden ratio to help.

You get traction quickly. Get traffic faster from Google rather than you know, just a shotgun approach of guessing keywords, so it’s, kind of a bad idea and number three. You need to publish content, hopefully well optimized.

You know SEO content so that you can get traffic in from Google. You don’t want to do keyword stuffing and you don’t want to, you, know, write bad content, but those are the basics right. You pick a niche.

You find some keywords: you publish content now you can also promote it and that sort of thing, but this this stage of the game, wants to keep it at. You know this simple three steps right there now, once you get a site up and running, hopefully you’ll, be able to you know, publish content.

Hopefully you have a you know a few dozen keywords to choose from and you can publish content. Hopefully you’ll, be getting some traffic even in the early days by using the keyword golden ratio. Now, if you’re going to try to you, know maximize your revenue, which you know you should try to at least optimize and it’s hard to maximize that things are always shifting.

But one option you may have is to add an ad network. Alright, so you used to add two times in a row there, but basically you can put ads on your website now me personally, I’ve avoided this for quite some time, because, typically, I was publishing content that was oriented towards product reviews and someone Would be interested in buying in the product so generally, I want to send them over to Amazon, because that’s.

How I’m monetizing, typically and then don’t, buy it right, so whatever they buying that product or sorry in their cart, whether it’s, the product that I recommend or a different one. Usually, that’s, a good thing and that’s.

What I recommended, however, you may also know that I recommend publishing 50 % informational content, which is not oriented towards a specific product. So can you monetize that other content? The answer is yes, you can put ads on that content, so media dotnet could be a very good option for you.

Now there’s, some right ways to do it and some wrong ways to do it. I’ll. Try and give you a little bit of a guide here on how you may implement this on your site. I’m gonna go over four common mistakes that people that run ads sometimes make especially people that are new to running ads.

So this is a pet peeve of mine and a lot of times we’re gonna audit, a site you don’t want to overdo it with the ads. Alright, no one wants to go to a website where they’re, trying to get some information.

They’re, trying to learn something, and then you just smack him over the head, with like ad after ad and more banners, and actually I audited. Someone’s site like last week, and there was like a pop-up video don’t like played as soon as I scrolled, and they were.

I mean they were just like playing videos on this person’s site, not a great move. In my opinion, I mean sometimes they’re, just like audio that comes through at the same time, so don’t. Put too many ads trying to keep the visitor in mind.

Number two is not to put ads that take away the visitors attention, so I kind of got ahead of myself when I talked about that video, but those pop-up videos are not cool. So those really distract the user and basically I’m balanced immediately.

When I see those ads, I’m out of there. I don’t want to see those kind of ads so make sure again. Then you keep the visitor in mind. Make sure that you know your content. The content that the visitor is there trying to get is available and easily consumable number three.

Is you don’t have ads that are completely irrelevant? It’ll just be weird: it won’t, convert very well number four. This is something that people are actually getting a little more used to now, but sometimes people do still freaked out when ads follow them around on the Internet.

So I see this pretty often I’m used to it now. I know how it works. So I’m, not freaked out. I’m just aware that I’m a product that people sell the sell ads to other companies. So a quick example. Sometimes I’ll browse some products on Amazon and then, if, as I’m going through my Instagram feed like slowly wasting my life looking at you know, pictures of people I don’t know.

Basically, I’ll, see ads for the products that I just looked at and you know those ads are following me around. That’s, not a terrible thing, but it is something to keep in mind depending on your niche and the topic, and what’s sort of acceptable and on that niche, and within that niche you may be able to put those ads Or not put those ads that follow people around, so it’s, important to find an ad partner, an ad network that can help you raise the revenue while not reducing your affiliate revenue.

That’s. Obviously one of my main concerns and why I’ve, just waited to make a decision on it for quite a long time. So when media Dynamat reached out to me and explained some of the products that they have, I was like well, this sounds like it fits the bill.

So let’s. Take a closer look at what they offer, one of the biggest things that Media Net does. Is they display contextual ads that are relevant to the content on your site and on the page, so they don’t use the user data they don’t use the visitor data to deliver the ads, so they they have relevant ads On the page, the people will be interested in and it’s not going to be an ad that’s like following them around on the Internet, thus freaking them out and feeling like their privacy has been violated, or something like that.

Media nets to click technology helps you monetize your audience, and it also helps you retain the audience on your site. Their ads are native first and they blend in with your content. So it’s, not going to be like a huge roadblock for your user experience, and you know make the visitor feel like basically that your site sucks so their ads blend in they look good in their contextual again.

That’s, huge to have relevant ads on the page versus something completely irrelevant, or something that ‘ S like following around the visitor on the Internet, again freaking them out – and the last point here is: media net – has an exclusive partnership with Yahoo Bing.

So they’re able to tap into another huge pool of revenue for ads. That’s good, I usually ignore being in Yahoo, but obviously a lot of people do use being in Yahoo, even though it’s, a smaller percentage of the overall search market share.

A lot of people still use them in, depending on you know the demographics and stuff like that and maybe super relevant to your niche. But, like you know like we keep saying like I keep saying, the ads are contextually relevant.

So there’s, no harm in giving it a shot. Seeing if your informational content is gonna convert really well and you can monetize that content via ads versus you know. Maybe there’s, not a good product fit for the particular informational article that you have so give Medianet a shot.

Now I want to warn you: if you don’t have great content on your site. It’s. A little subpar you may want to wait all right, so media dotnet. They have to accept you into the program. Alright, so you can’t just apply and put ads if the contents not good, and you’re hoping to squirm through or something like that.

The content needs to be solid, so it’s high-quality and that’s. I mean that’s for the advertisers and to have a good ad network. The quality of your site is very important, so keep that in mind. Don’t forget if you sign up through my affiliate link, you get a 10 % bonus for the first three months and I get a small Commission as well.

So I appreciate it if you use my link if you don’t that’s, cool too good luck to you and if you have any questions on media dotnet or anything like that, you let me know in the comments feel free To leave a comment – and one other thing I forgot to mention earlier – is the media.

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