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So on our website we do have a list of all the best affiliate Network, so you can find we have over 25 of them here. You can go ahead and check it out, but for today’s, video, we’re, going to be reviewing the impact Affiliate Network and they have just under just under a thousand affiliate programs within it.

So we’re gonna be reviewing this great affiliate network to get started with the impact Affiliate Network. The first thing you’re gonna want to do is go to impact comm and you might see online that it says impact radius and that’s kind of an affiliate or a section of the impact network.

The impact radius is more of the affiliate network portion of it so go ahead and go to impact comm or impact radius. They’ll. Both bring you to impact comm and to get signed up. You’re gonna first navigate over to the sign in, on the right hand, side after clicking sign in you’re gonna it’s, going to be asking you for a username and password, and you won’t have one yet so at the bottom, you’re gonna see the no account sign up as and for this, you’re gonna select partner.

If you have your own brand and you want to sell your products on the impact affiliate network, you would instead go to brand, but if you want to become an affiliate partner, you’d click on partner here to begin, creating your account with the Impact affiliate Network just enter your first and last name: email address, create a username password and then, whatever your display name that you want on the affiliate network to be, then click the I’m, not a robot.

To make sure your human accept both of the agreements and click create account, your profile will now be automatically created and you’ll, be brought to the impact affiliate network dashboard. You’ll, be brought to the home tab originally and on the right hand, side here, you can see complete your account setup, so your account will only be in View mode, which you can see here until you complete the account setup until one %.

Well, this is a really simple process. The only things you need to do is first, create your public profile, submit your business information and validate your email address. Now your public profile will include things like your company logo, company information, your social media information and then how you’re gonna promote via the impact Affiliate Network, now going back to the Home tab.

The second piece of information is going to be your business information. Now this is gonna, be basically whatever your company name or your blog name is gonna be your website. The country are operating from in your address and then it’s.

Also going to ask for your payment information for how you’re gonna receive payments, and then the last thing will be your tax information. If you have a registered tax number now going back to the home tab again, the last thing will be for you to validate your email address and you can see here.

An email is already sent to you. You can always resend that email, if you need it to be, you need, do need to validate your email address by clicking the link that you’ll receive in your email and then once you’ve completed those three steps.

Then the last step is finding a brand, and so this is already going to be. The last step is going to be where you start finding affiliate programs that you want to start using and advertising on your website.

Now, once you’ve successfully created your account, it’s, time to start searching for brands or affiliate programs for you to apply to to do that, go to the brands tab at the top and at first we’ll. Be brought to the home page of the brands tab, and here you can see there’s.

Different brands that are featured, including ones like Southwest Airlines or Target they ‘ Ll also have some recommended ones here, but to begin searching for brands. First, go to all brands on the left side.

This will show you all the brands that are under the impact affiliate Network you can see. Currently there are 765 brand’s total. If you want to search for a specific company, go ahead and search for it in the search brands in the top left corner, otherwise, the best way to find a brand that matches your niche or your your websites, you’ve, got a category.

Go ahead and select category on the left hand side, and here you’re gonna see lots of different categories from parts and supplies. Babies, books there’s, a lot of different ones. If we go ahead and just select consumer electronic as an example, it’s.

Gon na then filter the brands down to 49 brands that are only for consumer electronics. So here you can see there’s quite a few different ones. Lenovo being a very popular one, if you’re interested in in this company, like Lenovo as an example, you’re gonna want to look at a few different pieces of important information, the first one being the payout.

This is the most important piece of information, because this is the commission rate that you’ll, be getting so. If you’re going to advertise for Lenovo, you’re, going to get 3 % of all the sales that are achieved from working with Lenovo.

Overall, if you look at the 30-day EPC – and this is the earnings per click, their earnings per click is at two dollars and six cents, so earnings per click, doesn’t mean for every single click, but instead it means an average of the hundred Clicks so every time 100 customers click on Lenovo’s, affiliate links on average.

The affiliate is earning two dollars and six cents. Now this is a pretty good EPC. If you’re getting down into the the sense here, like 33 cents, it’s, not as great, so you want it to be in the dollar range.

If you want to know more information about Lenovo as an example, go ahead and click it, this will open up a little drop down box here and you’ll, be able to see contact information for who’s, the Lenovo brand contact.

You ‘ Ll, also see a little bit of information about the company. Additionally, on the right hand, side here you’ll, see apply and that’s. The most important part, if you do want to apply for an ala novo as the affiliate company under impact, you can go ahead and click apply.

This is going to show you all of the different affiliate information, including the payout, how you get credit for it. Any of the special terms and currency information and the bottom you’re, going to hit apply.

So if you do want to apply for this company, this is how you do it. Once you’ve sent an application out. It can take up to 24 to 48 hours for them to approve it or deny it. Sometimes it can take longer, but most companies do approve it within a couple of days.

If you are approved, you’re, going to receive an email, letting you know that you’ve been approved, and if you’ve been denied, you ‘ Ll also receive an email. Now, most of the time you do get denied, because either your website does not yet content or enough traffic or it just does not match what that company is trying to sell.

So if you’re selling, things like food and you’re trying to apply for Lenovo, they may not approve you. If you do want to know more information about why you may have been denied, we did go through the contact information here.

You can always contact that affiliate partner, their contact person to find out more information about why you were denied once you’ve applied and you’ve been successfully approved for different brands.

You’ll, be able to find those brands by going under the brands tab at the top and then clicking on the joined brands. On the left hand side, this will show you all the brand’s. You’ve successfully been approved for so you can see.

We have quite a few listed here if you want to look at a little bit more information about the brand go ahead and click on it, and here you’re, going to see a little bit of different information now, on the right hand, side You’re, going to see ads now.

The ads is the most important part, because when you click on ads it’s, going to show you all the different ads that are in the impact affiliate Network for blue apron. As an example, now the ads were the fun starts because in order to earn money from affiliate networks, you do need to place these text ads or banners on your website.

So let’s start looking at the blue apron ads as an example down below you’ll see there’s, lots of different images here and also text links. These are affiliate ads now, if you want to filter them, you can filter them by the ad type, the most common to being banners and text links.

So let’s, go ahead and filter by banners and then click the search button. On the right hand, side this will filter to just the banner ads under blue apron. So you can see there’s quite a few, including their logo.

If you want to use one as an example, let’s. Look at this one for their’n credit, incredible ingredients, incredible meals! If you click on the get code on the right hand, side. This will open a pop-up box with information about the ad.

If you want to see the ads simply click on the image here and it’ll pop up, so you can see these are very high quality ads that blue apron is put on here. And if you want to use this and have this image appear on your website, simply copy and paste the code from here onto the HTML section of your website, and that image is automatically going to appear.

The other great thing is that this code here includes your affiliate ID and it’s, important that you only use affiliate links and HTML code from the impact affiliate Network, because if you just go to blue Abrams website and use the links from weapons Website as an example here, if you just copied the blue apron, comm slash wine, you ‘

Ll, never get credit if a customer goes to the website, so you must use the HTML codes or links only from the impact affiliate network. For you to get credit on the impact affiliate network now I have filtered it by text links to show you that there’s, a lot of text, links available that blue apron created, but these are pre generated text links from blue apron.

So if you want to create your own link, so, for example, if we go back to the blue apron website under blue apron, comm, slash wine, wear blue apron is advertising different wines that they have available.

If you want to advertise this specific page on your website for the blue, apron wines simply copy the blue apron wines, website, link and don’t use this exactly on your website, but instead go back to the impact affiliate Network and, on the left Hand side here you can see the it’s almost like a paper link, a paper clip icon, and this will allow you to create your own links.

So now that we’ve copied the link from the blue apron website simply select blue apron as the brand that you want to advertise with then enter in the link that you want to advertise and then hit create.

Now this will go ahead and create the link for you, so this link down here is the link that you should be using by clicking on the link it’s, going to automatically copy it to the clipboard from here.

You can test out the link simply by opening a new tab. You’ll, see here that it has blue apron envy net and it has a little code here. If you simply go ahead and click Submit. This will open that link which will bring you right to the blue apron wines.

So it will take you right there, but it will have a tracking mechanism in there so that you will get credit for that link. If anyone does go to this link and they end up ordering through blue apron, you will receive the commission from it.

Now that we’ve taught you how to get signed up how to search for brands and then also how to advertise those brands on your website. You wan na know how to track when you’re, achieving different sales, so going under the Home tab to start – and here you’re gonna see a snapshot.

The snapshot is gonna. Show you an overview of how your performance is doing so in this case, we’re. Looking at the last, the last week of sales from January 23rd, 29 and overall, we’ve, had almost 600 clicks, so 600 different people have clicked on our affiliate links.

There were 29 actions or sales completed and those sales totaled over just over four thousand dollars. We received almost four hundred and fifty dollars in payouts from those which led to a conversion of almost five percent.

Our earnings per click was 0.77, so this is our overall for just one week of sales. If you want to break this down by program, instead, you’re gonna have to go under reports and then click on performance by campaign, and this is going to break it down by each of the different brands that you’re Advertising for so, if we scroll down a little bit, you’ll, see each of the different brands here and then it’ll break down all those different clicks.

How many actions were taken, the sales total earnings and the EPC? So you’ll, be able to see a breakdown here of each one and click on each one of these different brands. Here we’ll, also open, more information.

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