Top 3 Affiliate Programs For Recurring Income

Recurring Payments Affiliates

i’m talking about this type of income, the type of income that will enable you to not only quit your job, but also provide you with more options. Whether you’re, looking to spend more time with family, try out new fancy, restaurants travel more or maybe you just want peace of mind either way.

So without further ado, it’s, time to jumpstart your revenue. So the very first affiliate program in this list for creating recurring passive income recurring monthly income, is one known as semrush, or also known as sem rush, and this right here is an seo tool that helps you do keyword, research and, of course, get better rankings into Google right so this is a tool that a lot of website owners use to, of course, get better rankings with their website, get their articles, of course, ranked higher and, of course, get more.

You know visitors to the website is with this tool right here now. The benefit with this affiliate program right here is: you can make a lot of money with this program. This is one of the most lucrative programs for creating recurring income and just to give you an idea in terms of what is possible here’s, someone that i found by the name of anil agarwal and i’m – not entirely sure How to pronounce his name, i’m, not sure if i’m pronouncing it right or not, but this guy has made a lot of money with this program right here.

Actually, as you can see right here, he’s. Actually made well over 250 000 in commissions just from this one program alone right and keep in mind. This is not like you know: he’s getting paid one time.

This is recurring income that he’s getting every single month right. So he’s, putting in the work to get people into this program on time and he’s getting paid every single month. For that now does that sound awesome or what i don’t know about you, but you know getting paid.

You know this type of income every single month is definitely like that’s. Just amazing right there right. So the way how this program works is they have different memberships that you could of course sign up for and they have the you know at the bare minimum.

You could sign up for 100 bucks, 200 bucks or you know 400 bucks right there and they even have like i guess, like a higher like enterprise solution as well, that we can, you know, make a little bit more money right here, but the way how this Program works is you can get up to 40 commission for every single membership that you bring in right? So let’s, say, for example, that you bring in one person and they sign up to the pro membership right.

So 40 of about 100 bucks would be 40 bucks that you’ll, get every single month. Now, 40 bucks a month, doesn’t sound like a lot of money by any means, but keep in mind when you refer a lot of people to this program.

It could definitely add up very quickly right. So let’s, say, for example, that you know if we do the math right here, let’s say that we refer. You know 30 people to the pro membership right. This is, you know, being super conservative, let’s say that they all just sent out for the pro membership alone right, so that is a 40 commission or 40 commission 40 commission that you get every single month, and that would be an extra 1 200 bucks that you made you know every single month just from this one program alone: right now that’s, recurring income that you’re getting of about 1 200 bucks and that right there is actually like a stimulus check right.

So, rather than being one of the people that you know, watches adam snyder’s, videos – and you know you’re, just constantly waiting for a stimulus check and just you know, being desperate about you know not getting money handed to you.

What you can do is you could focus on learning how to promote products like this and learn how to create. You know passive income for yourself right so by doing something like this, you’re not like, depending on anyone else.

To you know, hand you money, and this guy right here richard actually made a very good point here. The wisest thing that should be on every individual’s list is to invest in different streams of income.

That don’t depend on the government to bring in especially now since the pandemic is hitting the economy quite hard right. So this is a very good point that he made right. You know you never want to depend on anyone or anything to.

Of course hand you money, you want to focus on learning skill sets. So this way you are never you know, depending on anyone else right and you could. You know, make, however much money you want with different programs, of course leverage right.

So this is just one program that you can promote to make pretty good passive income, but let’s, move on to the second one, this list, which is known as hma. Now, if you’re wondering what hma stands for, i don’t want to say the name of it on this video, because i don’t want this view to get demonetized.

But i found a really good piece of art online that i found online and this right here, as you can see it’s, just absolutely beautiful right. So unfortunately, i’m going to have to censor this because i don’t want to get demonetized, so i’m going to do.

Is i’m going to take this little circle here and i’m going to hide her. You know so yeah that’s, exactly what hma stands for and the benefit with this program is, you can earn up to 100 commission on the front end as well as up to 45 in recurring income right.

So this is a super generous affiliate program right here, and i think just the name alone makes it just really good in itself by the way, if you’re, not sure what a vpn is. This is basically where you can use this tool to, of course, protect your identity.

It kind of hides your location online, and this way kind of prevents. You know from like hackers anything along those lines or i guess like being found right, so you can kind of like search the web anonymously and that’s kind of what this type of tool is for, and you know just a side note if You’re.

Looking for a good vpn, i might even include a link to this down below just for a laugh. I guess you could say so. If you’re looking for one, i recommend selling up to this one. Just for the name alone, but anyways yeah, so you get 100 commission on the front end as well as 40 commission every single month.

As long as that person remains a member right. So if you earn anywhere from you know one to fifteen thousand dollars, you get 45 commission, but if you earn more than that, let’s, say, for example, you refer a lot of people to this program.

You could eventually be bumped up to 50. Commission, 60, commission, or even like a 65 commission right, so that’s exactly what this program is pretty much all about right here and just to show you some of the membership plans that they have so you could either sign up for one month, Which is about 11.

99 and let’s say that you refer someone to this plan right here. You get. You know, 12 bucks. You know right there when they sign up or if they you know continue. You know with the membership, then you of course continue.

You’re, going to keep getting paid every single month as long as they remain a customer right, so that’s exactly what the hma program is all about. Let’s, move on to the third affiliate program in this list, which is one called click funnels right now.

I’m sure that if you’re on this video, you have probably heard of the clickfunnels software. It’s been around, for you know. I think, like over five years now at this point and russell brunson, the guy who created this, is actually like internet famous at this point right, so the clickfunnels affiliate program.

What’s? Really nice about this is not only do they have the click funnels membership itself that you promote, but they’ve got tons of other offers in here they could promote as well right so with the click funnels membership alone.

What’s? Really nice about this is very much like the semrush tool. You know if this one also pays up to 40 commissions every single month right, so they have at the very minimum you could sign up to 97 a month, and for that you’re.

Getting about 40 bucks every month for every customer that of course, signs up. They also have a 297 a month membership which, for that you probably get around 125 ish per month for every customer that you prefer – and this is recurring income that you’re.

Getting you know coming in, you know in the door right. Another great benefit with this is that they also have this dream car thing right here, where, if you get up to 100 members 100 active members inside of clickfunnels, you can qualify for a dream car right, so russell bunsen will actually buy you a car with you For referring enough people – and that is of course you know what some of the commissions that you’ll – get will of course go to towards right, so that’s.

Another really great benefit really great bonus for this program right here and they ‘ Ve got a few other offers in here as well like they ‘ Ve got these books that they’ve released. They’ve got the one funnel away challenge, and you know just for example.

If you were to promote something like you know, let’s, say, for example, the expert secrets book or let’s, say, for example, that one of the people that you refer to the click funnels membership. If they decide to buy anything else from the clickfunnels, you know marketplace.

You will also get commissions for that as well, because every customer that you bring in is tied to you for life right, so anything that they buy from clickfunnels or russell brunson. You’ll, also get credited for, but if they buy like let’s, say, for example, the expert secrets book.

This is actually a book that could actually pick up for free, but you can pick it up for free simply just by paying for shipping and what’s really nice about this? Is they have? You know these upsells on the back end to where, if anyone buys in the upsells, you can get an additional 926 dollars in commissions on the back end offers right.

So, as you probably know, russell brunson is very good when it comes to upselling people and that’s, why it’s very easy to make a lot of money with these types of programs right here. These types of offers right you give away something free something of value for free and then you know they can decide if they want to pick up the upsells or not, and you’re, of course, getting paid for that right.

So, just to give you an idea in terms of what is possible, with the click funnels affiliate program here’s, someone that i found by the name of chris fong and this guy is actually making well over ten thousand dollars every single month with The click funnels affiliate program right, so this right here just goes to show exactly what is possible with the affiliate program right here, and you can definitely make a lot of money.

You know every single month with this program, that’s, of course, considering that you know how to, of course promote products online. Well, which kind of brings me to the one thing that i want to mention about each of these programs.

So each of these programs are amazing when it comes to creating passive income online, but there is one thing that i want to mention real, quick, and that is in order to really do well in any of these programs.

You have to learn how to effectively market online properly right. So if you just sign up to a program, you know just because you sign up to one of these affiliate programs and just because you get your link just because you send your link to uh.

You know a bunch of different people on social media. It does not in any way guarantee that you’re, going to make sales with any of these programs right, so that’s kind of the one thing that i want to mention.

But if you want to learn how to do affiliate marketing, you know step by step. If you want to learn how to effectively promote products online and how to get sales, you know very consistently in the long term.

I do have a free training that you can check out down below, so the very first link in my description will take you over to this page right here, and this is my free four-day trend that i put together myself.

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