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What is affiliate marketing is basically when somebody is promoting for a company. They get paid a commission for every person that they prefer. For example, if you want to get started doing affiliate marketing, you may need to have your own website and if you need to have your own website, that means you’re gonna need somebody it’s a host your website.

Hostgator can get you started, it’s cheap and it’s, easy to find your own domain name and pick which program you want to start with using my link below in the description box to get there and when you use my Code, every 25 that would get you 25 % off your purchase for the first time, customers.

Okay, so Hostgator doesn’t, do a Philly a marketing program from their own website. They used impact radius as a middleman, so to speak. So when you want to sign up with an impact radius, you’ll get to choose which ads you actually want to promote.

There are other affiliate websites that you can sign up for like Amazon and Clickbank, and I’ve done videos on them both already so I’ll, put an ad card up for those that want to check that out. But let’s, go ahead and get started on the website.

You can see the tabs at the top by the solutions tab there’s. Another tab called built for after clicking on that a menu will drop down and you’ll want to click on media partners. I’ll also put a link to the media partners page in the description box.

From there you will see, apply now, click that and you will be on creating your own account page, fill that out, and also for anybody that doesn’t have a website and they were planning on using something like a social media page I’ll say that I put in my Facebook URL just to see if it will work and it did so.

It will get you through that page, but at some point, you will have to verify your website. So I don’t know if you can find some way around that. The only thing I can say is just trying to talk about what happened and see how that goes.

So after you create your account, you’ll be asked to sign in and after you sign in, you’ll be at the dashboard. Now we have an account, but you will see at the top that it says that we need to complete your profile and get it verified.

So right there are the steps that we need to do to activate an account, which is the first one that says, activate your account. I click on that and it says that an email has been sent. I’ll check on that in a moment, but let’s, go ahead and go to the company info.

It’s a pretty basic info budge company or yourself. If you’re, not signing up as a company. Your profile will be a little more in-depth because you do need a logo photo with a cover image. You need to create your media property put in your year, founded a put in a description of what you plan on doing up here.

If you’re missing, any information you won’t be able to save any of it, so I always suggest not even doing it and just waiting to come back later. Going back to activate my account, I ended up getting this email from one of the admins that said hello, Avery.

I hope you’re doing well. I have recently received your application to join the impact radius as a media partner. Before I can approve your account, I need to verify your domain ownership to do this. Please insert the following meta tag and the header of your website once you do this, please let me know so I can have our system validate ownership of your site.

Camera guard, as you can see, I asked if I wouldn’t notice. Any changes in the header of my tag to make sure I did it right, but she really responds to that, but she did. Let me know that she successfully verified my account and approved it so yeah.

I also just want to show how I did it on my own website, which is and then to fancy ended up just adding a plugin to WordPress for my headers and footers, and then I just put the meta tag there in the header.

Ok, so right now I’m on impact radius. As you can see, my account has already been verified. Don’t see anything up here anymore. Everything is complete.

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