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So let’s get started. So when you log into your account, this is basically what it’s going to look like this is your dashboard and the link to sign up is actually in the narrative of this tutorial, so basically shop stock collective is, I guess, a one-stop shop For multiple merchants, these are all of the merchants that are part of the shop sell, collective community.

So what that means is any of these stores enables you to create pins that when clicked on it’ll send you to that store and you ‘ Ll earn a pay per click commission. A lot of these are high-end, and you know designer stores, like Calvin Klein and things like that.

There’s, a lot of stores for baby products, targets on here, JC Penney’s, just a whole bunch, I mean so many of them. You can see here Old Navy there’s, also house products for the home beauty products just kind of a little bit of everything.

So let’s. Go back over to our dashboard and just to kind of show you. I will tell you that the search is not it’s, not the best when searching for something, and so in a later lesson we will talk about how to pin from the merchant directly, but I just wanted to kind of show you.

This is what it looks like when you’re searching for things. I mean literally everything clothing. You know you can do blushes save pillows, so all these pillows, and so when you click on one of them, find one real.

Pretty this one’s from Urban Outfitters, but when you click on it, it ‘ Ll. Tell you how much it is what merchant it came from and actually you can click on that and it will go right to the merchants website.

You can your favorites keep a list of all your favorite items, but this is simply a collective of multiple merchants so that you can get them in in one place and how shop stock collective works is. When you share these things, you can share them on your social media.

As you can see, they already have the social media share, pins here or share buttons, and we will go into how to do that. So if you shared this say on Facebook or Twitter or your blog, if you have a blog and you hyperlink hello in the text of your blog and it links to this, then when someone clicks on that, you’re gonna earn a commission.

Now the Commission’s, aren’t super high and show you over here. In my analytics, the blue, the dotted line are orders and the blue line is actual clicks. So you can see here, clicks orders on this date and here it’ll, say: usually it’s between two and five cents.

The more somebody actually makes a purchase of the item that you’ve pinned. Then your commission per click can go up, but using shops are collective. You are not earning a commission on the sale of the product, it’s, simply a pay per click, and so, as you can see here, this journal two cents.

I had one click on it, this one here from Etsy a dollar 85 four. Seventy seven clicks this here: financial budget printables. I actually had four of those four ordered and it’ll, tell you the conversion rate and everything so the analytics we’ll, get into those a little later in the discussion on analytics, but I just kind of wanted to show you Around this there’s.

Also, a blog in here that you can follow, which is you know from the collective itself, tells you son, if you’re, a fashion blogger, some of the trending items that you can be promoting again a lot of Instagram influencers.

You shops, I’ll, collect a lot of Pinterest users for affiliate marketing and bloggers. Because again you can hyperlink to just about anything. I mean who doesn’t shop at Target, who doesn’t shop at Etsy, and so finding a product that you’re talking about hyperlinking it you’re, not making.

You know a 20 percent commission if they buy the item. You’re, making a 2 cent Commission every single time. Someone clicks on it and let me tell you those clicks add up. You can see right now. I’m up to one hundred and fifty seven dollars and you do get paid out after your balance reaches $ 100 and then of course, there’s, a closeout date of the month, so I should be paid here in the next Couple of days for everything that was earned before a certain date, I don’t recall exactly what the date is, but that’s, how this works, and so we will be coming back to this and we will have some tutorials later On to show you exactly how to pin from here all right see you in a bit

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